Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mochi?

Mochi is a Japanese traditional rice cake which is made from Mochi rice (soft sticky rice) and filled with well kneaded red bean paste. It is said that Mochi symbolizes good luck and prosperity and it is popularly found on family reunion, festivals or given as lucky presents.

What does make Mochi Sweet more special than traditional Mochi?

Mochi Sweets is the best in modern premium Mochi cakes with high quality ingredients and special 3 -layers form.
- Sticky Rice Skin: The glutinous outside crust varies in color dependent on flavor each emitting its own rare and exotic experience.
- Flavored Paste: The eclectic flavors infused with the middle layer, cater to a wide variety of sweets connoisseurs near and far with its diversity.
- Cream filling: The soft and subtle richness of the creamy filling leaves tasters mouthwatering for just one more bite.

How many flavors of Mochi are there?

Mochi Sweets has 21 distinctive flavors, from traditional as Redbean, Matcha to modern flavor as Chocolate Mousse, Blueberry Cheese Mousse, Durian,... All are used our delicious 3 layers treat. New flavors are updated continuity.

In a scorching summer, how can I keep Mochi for best quality?

Mochi Sweets can only bear for 8 – 12 hours in normal temperature with gel ice packs. You should store it in the fridge for better taste. Mochi could be best for 3 days (in cool temperature) and 10 day (in freezer).

The skin of Mochi is soft and smells good; however, I was once careless in storing so it turns dry. Is there any way to make it good again?

We are sorry to say no! Please do not put mochi in freezer again once its skin turns soft, otherwise it would be hardened and dry.

I’m a vegetarian, could I try Mochi?

If you have a diet menu including egg and milk, you could enjoy Mochi Sweets. Otherwise, you shouldn’t.

Where were Mochi Sweets made in?

Mochi Sweets were whole-intact imported by international standard in a close assembly with high quality Japanese ingredient. They are imported new continuously to bring you the premium cake with best taste.

What are best-seller flavors?

The hottest flavors from Mochi Sweets which are specially interested for examples: Green Tea, Blueberry, Durian, Coconut and Cheese Mousse, etc.

Does Mochi Sweets have a package of 8 – 10 cakes?

Mochi Sweets has only 2 kinds of package with 6 or 12 cakes. However, even if you want to buy one, your cake will be packed with elegant wrapping and paper bag politely.

How many stores of Mochi Sweets are there in Vietnam?

Until now, there are 35 stores of Mochi Sweets in Vietnam, mostly in Hanoi, Hochiminh city, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, etc. We plan to expand our stores in other cities in 2017.

When do Mochi Sweets stores open and close?

Mochi Sweets opens at 8:30 (9:00 at some department stores) and closes at 22.00.

My house is far from Mochi Sweets stores so I care about delivery service, do Mochi Sweet have delivery service?

Mochi Sweets has delivery service in Hanoi, Hochiminh and some major city for purchases from 06 pieces. Shipment fee will be charged depends on your location. To have more information, please contact our HOTLINE 18007274.

Could Mochi Sweet deliver cakes to provinces without Mochi Sweets stores?

At present, Mochi Sweets has not accepted orders from other provinces. However, if you want to order with a large number, please contact our HOTLINE 18007274 for more consultancies.

How could I order Mochi Sweets?

There are 3 ways to order Mochi Sweets:

- Come to our nearest Mochi Sweet stores
- Contact our HOTLINE 18007274 to get consultancy and make your order
- Order online through our website

Could I get any preferential if I buy Mochi Sweets in a large number?

The purchase from 240 pieces will get 3% discount. With a big order, please contact our Hotline 18007274 to get detailed consultancy.

If I buy 50 pieces, should I preorder? If yes, how could I make it?

If you want to buy 50 pieces, you do not have to preorder. Mochi Sweets stores are always available to serve you. However, if you want to order more, you could contact our Hotline 18007274 for better service!

How much does it cost for a package of 6 or 12 cakes in Mochi Sweets?

Each cake of Mochi Sweet has price from 30.000 - 34.000 VND. The cost of your package depends on your choice of flavors. Normally, a package with 6 cakes will be 192.000 VND and one with 12 will be 384.000 VND.

Do Mochi Sweets have member cards? How can I become a member?

When you buy a package with 6 cakes, you have chance to earn points to get gifts and MS Member Card if you earn 24 points within 6 months (1 point = 1 box of 6 pieces).

What are my benefits becoming a Mochi Sweets member?

When you get 24 points in 6 months, you will get MS Member card with a lot of preferential:
- Discount 5% for purchase at Mochi Sweets Stores
- Discount 1% more when buy in a large number
- Have opportunity to join our special promotion
- Get special gifts on your birthday
- Earn points to upgrade to MS Family Card with much more preferential.

Is there any promotion in Mochi Sweets at the moment?

Mochi Sweets always wants to bring our best services to customers with many promotions which are usually updated. Please follow Mochi Sweets to keep update!

Hotline: 18007274