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Happy Tuesday at Mochi Sweets in April

To express our thanks for your love and belief during all these time, Mochi Sweets brings you a new promotion: Happy Tuesday! On every Tuesday, when coming to our selected Mochi Sweets stores and checkin, you will get 10% discount on your receipt.

In every month, Mochi Sweet will choose a specific store in each city to apply this Happy Tuesday. 

+ Condition: You must check in at our store on any social pages (such as facebook, instagram, zalo, google+,etc)

+ Only apply discount for purchase at selected stores (not for delivery)

+ Cannot save point to your Member card

+ Maximum at 2 boxes of 12 cakes (or 4 boxes of 6 cakes) with any flavors

+ Not apply on special days (such as Festivals, Tet holiday,etc)

In this April, Happy Tuesday will be applied at :

- Hanoi City: 45 Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem District.

Mochi Sweets hopes this could be our most sincere thank sent to you. Hurry up and enjoy a Happy Tuesday!