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Representing for good luck and happiness of family reunion, Mochi Sweet must be the perfect gift for your friends and family in this Mid-Autumn Festival. 


Mid Autumn Festival is the moment of family reunion when you look for such a meaningful gift for your beloved ones. With the slogan “Happiness of family reunion”, Mochi Sweets will help you find the best gift for your friends and family. 

Distinguished from sweet and greasy moon cakes, Mochi cakes with premium Japanese quality which symbolized for good luck, wealth and reunion will bring you 02 new special- designed boxes for Mid – Autumn Festival 2016.

Akihana Luxury Box

If you are looking for a gift with best quality, luxurious design for your family or your important partners; Akihana Luxury Box is defenitely the perfect choice for you. 

With shiny black background and glitter partern, Akihana Luxury Box contains: 

  • 12 cakes with your interested flavours
  • 01 luxury Japanese fan – a Japanese symbol of festival
  • 1 set of gift card for your best wishes.

Specially, when you purchase more than 20 boxes of Akihana Luxury Box , you may put your own logo and wishes on the box. 

Price: 579.000 VND/box (Only 2 flavours at 34.000đ)

Attractive design with shiny black background and glitter Japanese partern.

Akihana Luxury box with 01 luxury Japanese fan in luxurious paper bag.

A set of lovely Gift cards for your best wishes.

Uchiwa fan - made from bamboo and traditional washi paper with unique partern from Japan.

Tsuru Traditional Box

If you’re looking for a special Mid Autumn Festival gift which is meaningful but not too luxurious, you shoud not miss our Tsuru Traditional Box. With drawer-like design and traditional partern of crane bird on youthful turquoise background, Tsuru Traditional Box brings you 02 types of boxes for 6 or 12 cakes.

Price: Depends on your choices of flavours, complimentary gift box.

A unique drawer-like design.

Traditional partern of crane bird on youthful turquoise background.

Remains the premium quality and luxury style.

Not only be a perfect desert to enjoy with a cup of warm tea, Mochi Sweets also represents for your love to friends and family. Let’s Mochi Sweets help you and your beloved ones have such a “Happiness of Family Reunion”!