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About Mochi Sweets

Mochi Sweets’ first year produced 12 stores in one country and has vastly expanded to 353 stores, and counting, in six countries throughout Asia. With the popularity of our delicious Mochi products quickly rising. Mochi Sweets has constantly endeavoured to bring our customers premium Mochi cakes. Besides the traditional flavours of red beans, Mochi Sweets allows you to choose from a variety of flavours like chocolate, mango, green tea, strawberries, blueberries, and even Vietnamese fruits.

Because of our attention to detail in every mochi we create our Mochi Sweets customers love to enjoy the sweet delicacies with family and friends, or by treating others to a mochi variety box. A truly special gift, which everyone adores. Our customers vary in age and lifestyle including children, youthful teenagers, professional adults, senior citizens, and families both large and small.

About Our Mochis

Mochis are delicate bite-sized rice cakes bursting with uniquely irresistible flavours. These delectable sweets provide the perfect balance of light to densely chewy texture making it more than just a dessert. Traditionally Mochis are filled with red bean paste, but we fill our Mochis with high-quality ingredients adding a new twist to a delectable treat. Each cake is a subtle blend of 3 layers, the outside layer which is made from chewy glutinous Mochi rice. The middle layer a flavour infused paste, and the Inner layer which is a soft and rich creamy filling.

Our Customers

Mochi Sweets’ loyal customer span a wide spectrum, reaching beyond the single individual, incorporating larger companies as well. These businesses are just a handful of examples of who we have had the opportunity to work with in Vietnam alone.

Our followers enjoy spreading the joy of Mochi Sweets as much as we do.